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05 Aug Welcome to Our Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Diligent Designs Web Design blog! We decided that the first post shouldn’t be an article of some sort on web design, graphics, or development, but rather a simple introduction, with a taste of what’s to come.

What’s The Point of Our Blog?
Simply this is going to be a place where the Diligent Designs team can share our experiences, knowledge and thoughts on the design and development industry. In time, these thoughts will manifest into informative articles on web design and development techniques, ways your business can make better use of the web, SEO tips, design critiques, etc. Or perhaps we’ll write simple musings on design trends, or more broadly, about what it means to be a designer in our eyes. A way for us to humanize our online presence, and create a source for useful articles and information that you, our customers can make use of, as well as other in the industry.

Our Story
Over five years ago, Diligent Designs was born into existence with the hopes and dreams of providing high line, ‘agency level’ work to businesses both locally and around the nation. Fast forward to now and we are proud to say that Diligent Designs has achieved this. We are both honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to provide our design and development services to a vast range of businesses both small and large, local and national.

When we launched Diligent Designs back in 2008, starting a boutique agency was a little risky. We weren’t totally sure there would be the volume of work necessary to keep the business afloat. All we knew was that we loved what we did, and we loved to impress our clients, so If we could put every effort into each project, hopefully the word would spread.

As luck (and lots of very late night coding sessions) would have it, we’re still here and we’ve been fortunate to have been fully booked up with work for five years with next to no advertising. What a wonderful place to live and be able to do the work we love. Every day we are grateful for this opportunity, and can’t thank our incredible clients enough.

Ultimately our goal is to create a lasting experiences for YOUR customers, to enrich their lives and help portray your business in the best possible way. Every project we undertake is done so with care and passion for your business and your customers, using visual aspects, and a user experience point of view. While technology and design styles change, our overachieving goals remain the same. :)

Diligent Designs would like to thank you for checking out this blog and many more to come. Make sure you come back now and then to see what’s new. We’ll be adding a newsletter subscription feature soon so you can subscribe to our articles and news.

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